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Видеть и делать - это совершенно разные вещи. Человек, не имеющий никакого опыта, может очень много думать о себе, а дойдет до дела - окажется, что он ни к чему не пригоден.

(с) Теодор Драйзер - Американская трагедия




Évolution inversée

Fun fact: Picasso wanted to get back to the childlike stage of not being able to draw people very well because he thought he was too good at drawing people

Picasso began to foray into cubism as a way of breaking subjects and objects down into their most basic shapes and analyzing them. He and Georges Braque began this style in about 1912 as a way of doing something new in art and experimenting with shapes and subject matter. Seeing how far something could be broken and flattened out and still recognizable. Kind of like how Jackson Pollock started to experiment with paint splatters as a way of making the paint itself the subject of his work instead of painting an object/person and having that as the subject.

Your “fun fact” is really quite misinformed. Unless there was some new research done into his life and someone found like a new primary source saying that. Then I would love a link to it.

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American Horror Story: Coven. pt. 1.




The Marauders used to take turns taking care of Harry when the others had Order business or were too busy or needed a night off. It became a tradition among them, as they were passing the baby into the next caretaker’s hands, to say “you’re it. good luck.

The last thing Sirius saw as he was falling through the veil was Remus running over to Harry, and the last thought that ran through his head was “you’re it. good luck.”


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